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5-Tier Commissions & Up to 45% Monthly Residual Income

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Profit Strike

Get up to 45% commission on a 5 tier system, full access to a dedicated marketing support partner, custom tracking links, pre-built marketing tools and more!

How Does The 5 Tier System Work?

When you become a partner you will automatically be assigned a unique partner ID and tracking link. You will then have the ability to promote SendViper to potential customers in need of an email marketing service. When a potential customers visit SendViper through your unique partner link we will associate that customer with your Profit Strike partner account.

The 5-tier payouts are as follows:

 Tier 1: 25% Per Sale

 Tier 2: 10% Per Sale

 Tier 3: 5% Per Sale

 Tier 4: 3% Per Sale

 Tier 5: 2% Per Sale

Tier Commission System Example: Say Person A is a partner. Person A sends Person B to SendViper and they purchase. Person B becomes a partner too. Person B then refers Person C then they also purchase. Person C also becomes a partner.

So for example, in a 5-tier partner model Person B and Person C still receive their direct commission of 25% when they make a new sale, but Person A receives 10% for any sales Person B makes and 5% for any sales Person C makes because Person A originally referred Person B who also referred Person C to SendViper.

We’ve Got Everything You’re Looking For

It’s easy to get started as a SendViper Profit Strike partner because we provide you with everything you’re going to need to run a successful promotional campaign.

  Recurring Monthly Commissions

You will continue to get paid every month for all your referrals for as long as they are a SendViper customer.

  Marketing Tools

Take advantage of our banners, pre-written advertisements, email copy and more.

  365 Day Cookie Tracking

Your visitors and potential customers will never be lost. We’ll make sure that if you were the original referrer of a new customer you will be awarded that sale.

  Worldwide Payouts Every Month

Receive payments NET 30 and in the first week of every month anywhere in the world via PayPal.

  Custom Tracking Links

When you signup to any SendViper plan to become a Profit Strike partner you will be able to register your own tracking domain.

  Dedicated Manager

If you ever need any real marketing support you will be assigned a dedicated Profit Strike account manager.

Partner FAQs

How do I become a SendViper Partner?

Simply choose any SendViper plan that interests you. Each plan includes full access to our Profit Strike partner program. Register Here!

When and how often will I be paid?

Commissions are verified at the end of each month and paid NET 30 in the first week of every month. For example, any commissions earned in January will be paid the first week of March.

How will I be paid?

We make payouts worldwide every month via PayPal with a minimum payout threshold of $25. Commissions will be rolled over to the next month if you miss the threshold.

How will I see my sales and commissions?

In your SendViper affiliate account you will see clear reports of all your conversions and commissions.

What if I am outside of the United States?

Our affiliate program runs worldwide, so you can be a SendViper affiliate no matter where you live.

How much can I earn?

It’s completely up to you! You can put a banner on your site and have some sales trickle in, or aggressively market your SendViper affiliate link and build a steady income.

How To Become A Profit Strike Partner

Simply follow the button below, choose any SendViper plan that interests you, confirm and setup your account, then get your Profit Strike partner tracking link and you’re set! Click below to get started today!